Living Mentally Well is my Birth Right

I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a sister-friend, a daughter, and so much more, but also I am a young black female that has lived experience with anxiety and depression. I have been nationally recognized for my advocacy work focusing on black women and girls. My work with Black Girls Smile continues to be highlighted as one of the top organizations and committees empowering girls of color. My passion and life’s work is to pour into communities, organizations, brands, and groups to uplift mental wellbeing as a top priority to success.

I am a University of Virginia alumnus (Go Hoos) and reside in Atlanta, GA with my son and husband. I proudly am the eldest of a clan of four, the granddaughter of Charlyne and Joan, and cousin and niece to too many amazing family members to count. I am the proud sister-friend to some badass women in every industry carving space for black women to shine. Why share this? Because I am not me without my tribe- my tribe uplifts me, encourages me, and supports me in ways I am eternally grateful.

Mental Health and Mental Illness are topics too often considered taboo in communities and spaces where we are expected to show up as our best selves. My ability to share my unique story has been hailed as transformative and authentically raw. My aim is educating around mental health issues, advocating for resources for marginalized communities, empowering others to share their mental health journeys. It is our birth right to not just make it but to LIVE life fully and graciously.

My work through my speaking, writing, advocacy work, and community building are meant to create a sense of support for all experiences and voice for those that are finding their way along their mental health journey. I love to work with organizations, brands, companies and grounds that are passionate about exploring initiatives and ways to create dialogue, support and education surrounding mental health. I sum all my many roles, passion, experiences and relationships to “living”.

 I am living, Living Lauren.

"Living a mentally healthy life is something you have to work on every days, every minute, every second."

-Lauren Carson


Lauren Carson, an Atlanta native and University of Virginia alumnus, is the Executive Director and Founder of Black Girls Smile Inc. a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting positive mental health education, resources and support. Through her work with Black Girls Smile Inc.

and as a Mental Health Advocate and Speaker, Lauren has been featured at SXSW, Clinton Global Initiative University, American Psychiatric Association, Refinery 29, Redbook, and HERS Magazine and made Young Nonprofit Professional Network 30 under 30. Lauren continues to lend her voice and platform to mental health awareness and empowerment of all, especially minority communities women and girls.


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